Jean Thiriart – Prophet & Militant

Jean Thiriart spent much of the post-World War II period in a very long ostracism under the pretext of having been an instrument of the Nazi expansion. In fact, it wasn’t until the final year of his life in 1992, in meetings with Alexandr Dugin and others in Moscow, that he received his due.

Jean Thiriart was the prophet & theorist of the European Revolution against the New World Order. One could even call him the Lenin of the European Revolution but that would cause aphasia in the ranks of the official Left. For this reason, most partisans of Thiriart would call themselves the National Left though most outside observers would place them in the ranks of the European New Right. As a partisan of Thiriart, I can call myself both National Left and New Right. But I prefer to be considered part of where Thiriart placed himself, in the Avant-garde Center.

A Belgian, Jean Thiriart, a young militant in the far left before the war, trained under Otto Skorzeny during the war. But hunting down the Resistance with Skorzeny only gets you a medal if your side wins. But the Allies were the nominal victors in World War II. Thiriart was jailed as a collaborator–in France he probably would have been shot.

When he emerged from prison at the end of the 1940s, Thiriart kept a low profile. He built a chain of profitable optometry stores across Europe, married, had a family, kept quiet. Except for some unpublicized trips to visit Skorzeny in Spain, that was pretty much it.

The Belgian Congo getting its independence in 1960 was the catalyst that sprung Thiriart back into action. He rallied support for the Belgian settlers who were being abandoned. But the cause was a loser. Then in 1961, Thiriart organized on behalf of French Algeria.

The end of the French experiment in Algeria caused the last great mobilization of the old nationalist right not just in France but throughout Europe. As a young student in America, I sympathized from afar with the Secret Army Organization (OAS) which led the fight against what they regarded as DeGaulle’s betrayal of the cause. (Some months back when I re-watched the dvd DAY OF THE JACKAL, I rooted for the assassin.)

French Algeria was another loser for Jean Thiriart. But except for Thiriart, the major reasons for the Algerian tragedy were not understood. The anti-Gaullist militants who fought for French Algeria did not understand the geopolitics of the business at hand or how the victorious powers of the Second World War intended to re-shuffle the cards to their own advantage, especially the United States. (During the 1960 presidential campaign, John F. Kennedy broke with traditional U.S. policy of support for the French.)

The national-revolutionists of that time fell back on a reflexive anti-communism and rallied behind slogans of the Defense of the Occident, white & Christian, against what they viewed as the combined assault of Soviet Communism and National Liberation Movements in the Third
World. This placed them in the American Camp. (Guillaume Faye, with his thesis that Islam is the main enemy, does the same thing today, except it’s the joint American-Israeli camp.)

This also meant that in the Sixties, the mass movement against the Vietnam War in Europe would fall by default to the Left.

Jean Thiriart stood alone. In 1965, his book, EUROPE–AN EMPIRE OF 400 MILLION MEN, was published. Thiriart alone dared to name the PRINCIPLE ENEMY of Europe. Thiriart showed how the defeat in Algeria, preceded by the loss of Indo-China, just like the whole collapse of the European colonial system, were direct consequences of the European military defeat of 1945. Not just Germany and Italy, but Britain & France, nominal victors, as well. (Francis Parker Yockey said the same thing in THE ENEMY OF EUROPE.)

Thiriart preached that the Main Enemy of Europe was American imperialism and Zionism. (In fact, a militant of Thiriart’s new org Jeune Europe, a veteran of the Waffen SS, would be the first European to die in the Palestinian cause.) It was Thiriart who pointed out that the settlement of Yalta made Western Europe occupied territory as much as the East. Like Yockey and Otto Remer, Thiriart looked to the East, for an alliance with the Soviet Union.

Jeune Europe, active in a dozen countries, began training camps to train young partisans for guerrilla war against the Yankee occupation of Germany and the rest of Europe. But these plans were waylaid on advice from Otto Skorzeny who said they were premature. Also, Jeune Europe was plagued by a ‘neo-Nazi’ influx who liked to dress up and shock people but were self-isolating. So the end of the Sixties saw Thiriart dissolving Jeune Europe and once again going into ‘internal exile’.

Thiriart always thought that the Israeli Mossad was financing some of these ‘88′ types. It should also be pointed out that Jean Thiriart was neither an anti-Semite nor Holocaust denier. But anti-Zionists are often slandered in this way unless they are Jewish in which case they’re slandered as ’self-hating Jews’.

In the meantime, the brain dead American Right had enthusiastically enlisted in the Cold War. Thus energy that could have been spent aiding the South in the Second Reconstruction was instead used up in the prosecution of a fight against the internal Communist menace which had ceased to exist.

Only the tiny National Renaissance Party of James Madole and the even smaller U.S. Nationalist Party, which was better but short-lived, sided with Francis Parker Yockey (and Jean Thiriart) in seeing ‘their own’ government as the Main Enemy.

Not until the late 1970s/early 1980s, would large numbers of even the Far Right come around to this view using the imprecise term, ‘Zionist Occupation Government.’

That’s the subject of our next blog.

(Some information gathered from JEAN THIRIART, PROPHET AND MILITANT by Carlo Terracciano. Many thanks to Troy Southgate in making this available to me. The editorial conclusions are my own. If I screwed up, the donkey tail should be pinned on me alone.)


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